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180% increase in recruitment applications


Queensmead School required help with portraying their values and ethos online, but were struggling with an old, out-dated website. They also needed to be able to use their website for recruitment purposes. The success of a school largely sits with the quality of the teaching staff, and so it was important that they were able to attract the best talent. However, their old website did not present the school as well as it should, and did not have the functionality for recruitment.

Queensmead School chose to work with us over other leading suppliers in the education sector due to our creative approach to helping them stand out as an employer.

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With a close focus on recruitment, we redesigned and built the new website. Given the brief of creating a website the helped Queensmead School to stand out from other local schools, we needed to ensure that the website was eye-catching, yet user friendly.

Knowing that use of video would help to make the website stand out, we placed a strong emphasis on video and animation in key areas of the website. We wanted to create a video that portrayed the school’s values and ethos, and so spent a day on-site filming various shots showing day-to-day school activity. Through a simple edit, we were able to create an eye-catching backdrop that left a long lasting impression on visitors.

Queensmead Prospectus

Harmeet Sahota, Assistant Headteacher, Queensmead School

I am pleased to say that since launching the website we have had more applications than ever in a declining industry where there is a shortage of teachers and the feedback received on the website has been fantastic.

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180% increase in recruitment applications

The combination of the new website and marketing literature resulted in a 180% increase in recruitment, compared to the previous year – fulfilling the primary objective of the project. We continue to work with Queensmead School on an ad-hoc basis, creating marketing literature, prospectuses, and other promotional material as required.

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