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30 to 50 enquiries per week through a new website & social media


Transportation and logistics is a competitive industry. Even with over 50 years experience in the sector, Mitchells, who specialise in next day & standard palletised freight services across the UK and Europe, needed support with driving their brand forward.

When they contacted us, their website wasn’t generating any enquiries and their social media presence was minimal. They needed professional guidance. And we introduced them to SOLAR 7.

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Before even discussing the website, we took the Mitchells management team right back to the beginning through an in depth discovery session. In this session we really got under the company’s skin to understand everything about them, their target audience, their competitors, their key messages, their values and their objectives.

We went away and applied the SOLAR 7 framework to Mitchells, and produced an in depth strategy outlining the exact actions required to achieve the goals they had told us about in the discovery session.

The next step was to create their new website. The outcome was an on brand, SEO focussed website, written in their newly created tone of voice.


194% increase in website traffic in 24 months

100% increase in website traffic from organic search

100% increase in LinkedIn followers in 12 months

109% increase in Instagram impressions in 12 months

99% increase in Instagram reach in 12 months

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Richard Montgomery, Managing Director, Mitchells

The team took time to understand every facet of our business before creating anything for us. It's that understanding that created our website that now drives more traffic to us than we could have ever imagined, and we will see a return on investment.

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30 to 50 enquiries per week through a new website & social media

We’ve now been working with Mitchells since 2019. In this time we’ve helped them gain an average of 30 to 50 website enquiries per week and develop a social media strategy that has ‘people queuing at the door for jobs’ (in the words of Richard Montgomery, Mitchells’ Managing Director).

However, as Richard put it himself, the biggest return on investment for Mitchells is beyond monetary. The work Xpand have done has led to an all encompassing change to everything that Mitchells do and how they are perceived online and offline.

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