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Rebranding a local taxi firm


Over the last few years, Uber has become synonymous with the word 'taxi'. They were a game changing company, so when Euro Cars Private Hire approached us asking for help with their marketing, we knew it was time to up their branding game.

They weren't looking to take on Uber on a global scale, just become known in West Yorkshire as the 'go to' cab firm. And they liked what we had to say about their road to success.

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We went through our full discovery and strategy process and broke down every element of the business and its marketing. We analysed competitors, created detailed audience personas and provided recommendations - in other words, we created a 12 month marketing strategy.

But at the heart of their problem, was their branding. So we set about brainstorming a new name with all the relevant checks and recommendations to intellectual property solicitors.

Zip was born.


813% increase in website 'conversions' within 3 months of the website going live

37% increase in website users within 3 months of the website going live

1519 link clicks through social media paid advertising

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Ken Ives, Managing Director, Zip

We've worked with Xpand previously and knew they were the right people to work with to take Euro Cars Private Hire to the next level in our growth. We're really happy with the end result. People regularly tell me when they've spotted a Zip cab. This never used to happen with our old branding!

Zip social media on mobile phones


Rebranding a local taxi firm

The result was a completely new look and feel to an established and loved brand in the local area.

We laid the foundations for Zip to roll their brand out over the next 12 months and maintain their strong market share over their competitors.

Their new website had a carefully designed user experience to really ensure that people got the information they wanted, in a zip.

If you're ever out in West Yorkshire, you can't miss a Zip cab!

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