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Streamlining internal career development through development of an intranet


We began working with Lindt in 2016, when their HR department approached us for support in building a custom careers pathway system for their staff. Lindt pride themselves on their company culture and staff development, so the system needed to support employees with their career path progression.

Lindt Internal Career Path System


The intranet system required a heavy focus on the initial architecture so we could ensure the complex requirements provided a smooth and user friendly experience. We initially built a prototype that went through various phases of internal focus group testing. The feedback allowed us to further develop the system and create a robust platform that was easy to use.

Lidnt Game Plan video on tablet

Jenny Lawrence, HR Director, Lindt

We have been working with Xpand for the past 18 months. They helped us to develop a career pathing tool and also develop an online tool for our business plan to share with teams. I’ve been really impressed with the speed in which they understood the project, their detailed proposal, and on-going communication to ensure the projects were delivered on time and in full.

Lindt Game Plan vide on iPad


Streamlining internal career development through development of an intranet

The career progression system allows employees to map their career path, not only by progressing upwards within their department, but also how they could step sideways into a new role with a different function. This allows Lindt team members to plan their career with the company, and how they can get to where they want to be.

The second system we developed meant that Lindt no longer needed to deliver a long-winded training session using PowerPoint presentations, and employees can revisit the videos at any stage. This saves time and increases impact for new starters.

We were able to deliver the second project from concept to completion with time to spare before the two-week deadline.

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