A sweet new system for Lindt

We’ve worked with Lindt Chocolatiers since 2016 when we created an internal career development system for them. They were so impressed, they came back to us to build an online training platform!

Designing a pathway to success

Lindt pride themselves on their company culture and staff development, so in 2016 they approached us to develop an internal careers pathway system.

We completed all of the architecture and wire framing and developed the system which shows employees their current career path and what the next steps are for them within the business.

The Careers pathway was tested internally by Lindt employees, and was so well received they recently commissioned us to build an online training tool for new staff.

Lindt career pathway mockup

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Signed, sealed and delivered in 2 weeks!

Previously, Lindt used a series of PowerPoint presentations to deliver their game plan to new staff, which could be long-winded and not very engaging. We turned these presentations into an internal website so employees could learn the company values and easily revisit them at any stage.

Lindt were about to begin an employment drive and needed their new system quickly. We were able to deliver the whole system, from concept to completion, in just 2 weeks!

One of the key criteria was that the system needed to provide a great User Experience, and be engaging for new starters. We created 20+ professionally voiced videos, one for each value, which are succinct and appealing to watch.

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Jenny Lawrence, HR Director

We have been working with Xpand for the past 18 months. They helped us to develop a career pathing tool and also develop an online tool for our business plan to share with teams. I’ve been really impressed with the speed in which they understood the project, their detailed proposal, and ongoing communication to ensure the projects were delivered on time and in full.

When it comes to digital, these people come highly recommended by us and have delivered professional and brilliant results. Thank you for your support throughout and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

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