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£80,000 of sales via SEO


Chris Makin is a forensic accountant in Leeds. He originally approached us in 2015 when he was unhappy with his old website and the company he was using for his SEO. He really couldn't see the benefit of working with them because he wasn't receiving many enquiries.

Chris has a very niche expertise, so communicating this through his key messages and website content was also vital to his business, but it just wasn't the case on his old website.

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We originally built a new website for Chris in 2015 using his original branding. In 2021, Chris asked us to give the business a new and fresh feel, while retaining the robustness and trust of his previous branding.

We set about going through our detailed discovery process that would allow us to develop his key messages and of course, the visual identity, which Chris was delighted with.

This was then passed through his website to provide a consistent look and feel across all platforms. And of course, while all this was happening, we continued to work on his website's SEO to ensure he continued gaining website visitors.

Chris Makin, Forensic Accountant

The whole business really is most impressive, and I congratulate you. You show examples of websites created, and the variety is great. So what about mine? I’m really pleased with it. It’s meeting my true need of bringing in, from all across the country, more than enough work to keep me going. I’m chuffed.

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£80,000 of sales via SEO

The combination of a new website with a new user experience and the refreshed branding really helped boost enquiries.

We continue to work with Chris Makin on a rolling basis, continuing to improve his results and generate strong leads.

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