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Bringing Finesse to the training sector

Finesse Training needed us to give them a whole new look and feel after moving into new market sectors. Part of their company expansion required us to integrate the new website with their existing CRM system. It’s always a challenge working with custom made systems, but a challenge is just what we love!

Getting the branding right

Having redesigned the company’s brand identity to stand apart from its competition, we set about design and development of the website.

Finesse Training on iPad and iPhone

Finesse Training on a Macbook

Integrating the website with Rubi

The client already had years of customer data stored on the custom made Rubi platform.

Our challenge was to integrate the website booking system with Rubi to ensure our client's data storage systems were not disrupted. With some thorough planning and a lot of tea, we delivered a flawless project.

A happy client = a happy team at Xpand!

Rubi Integration - web development at Xpand

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