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500 members within 3 weeks


Energy Mill approached us to help them successfully launch their second gym. Their second branch had a different target audience to the first - it needed to appeal to a female audience as well as male. They were also offering additional services, which needed to be conveyed in the marketing. Energy Mill had specific membership recruitment targets to achieve before opening the gym, so we needed to work quickly to help achieve them.

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We created a three-month campaign strategy to support Energy Mill with reaching their target of 500 members within 4 weeks of opening. We began with a Discovery session to understand everything we could about the business, including where it had been, where it currently was, and where it wanted to go in the future. We also looked into their strengths and weaknesses, as well as identifying the opportunities available and threats to the business. A key part of the Discovery session was understanding their objectives.

From this, we were able to create a campaign strategy that included in-depth research on all competitors, customer demographics, suitable marketing channels and creative ways to build brand awareness. We provided a step-by-step guide to all of the marketing activity that was needed to achieve the business goals.

Chris Gaskin, Director, Energy Mill Gym

The strategy document they provided was detailed and gave us a view of the bigger picture, as to how we needed to promote the gym locally. It was straightforward and easy to follow. The strategy had a direct to link to the success of my business and I have since used it as a guide when setting up other businesses.

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500 members within 3 weeks

The team at Energy Mill were so pleased with the branding we created for the second branch they applied it to their flagship gym as well. The combination of the new website, the branding, and the advertising materials meant that we were able to help them sign up 500 members within 3 weeks of the launch – fulfilling the primary objective of the campaign.

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