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A few weeks ago we wrote a post called What is UX? Hopefully, this explained what UX (User Experience) is and what it means for the web. Here at Xpand, we have always focused on creating websites that are simple and intuitive to use for the end user but also produce a great ROI for the business owner.

Over the years we have come across many websites that are creatively made but have no consideration for the end user, as a result they are difficult to navigate and lead to frustrated readers who click off of your website, never to return.

There goes another potential customer of your product!

Good UX is a combination of simple, uncluttered, mobile responsive and intuitive website design amongst other things, but above all, it is a way to provide the best experience for a user on a website. It is totally customer focused, rather than fancy gimmicks or designs that offer nothing to the user.

Over the years we have seen many good website designs and many more bad ones. In fact, we still see many digital marketing and website design agencies creating websites without any regard for the end user. As a result, we have created #MissionUX, the latest campaign by Xpand to rid the web of poor UX.

Over the next few weeks, we will be educating our readers on basic UX principles so that you can identify where your own business website can be improved.

Our aim with this campaign is to “Make The Web A Better Place” so join us in our mission by following the hashtag: #MissionUX on all our social channels.

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Nayar Pervez

By Nayar Pervez

Nayar is our resident social media expert and copywriter. She has worked with clients throughout the U.K and U.S.A with a particular focus on results-driven content.