Webinar – Marketing Vs Finance: Where to focus to thrive in 2024

Marketing is like the engine of a car. It drives the business forward and generates revenue. Finance is like the...

Marketing is like the engine of a car. It drives the business forward and generates revenue.

Finance is like the brakes of a car. It helps to control costs and prevent the business from going over budget.

Without a strong engine, the car will not move. Without strong brakes, the car could crash.

In the same way, a business cannot grow without marketing. But a business also needs to be financially responsible and manage its resources wisely, and this is the challenge that we all face as business owners.

Where should we be focussing our efforts? How much marketing is too much or too little? How much finance focus is too much or too little?

Join Jag Panesar, Director of Xpand and Ben Westerby, Director of Westerby Consulting, on a webinar where they discuss the key things to focus on in marketing and finance to thrive in 2024. 

Who should attend?

B2B business owners who are looking to get a stronger understanding of marketing or finance to grow their business in 2024. 

Why should I attend?

Whether you’re new to business or have been going for a number of years, you’ll leave the webinar with a good understanding of the key areas to focus on in your business in the finance and marketing arenas to take a step closer to achieving your goals. 

What will we cover?

In this webinar, we’ll talk about the key facets of marketing and finance that you need to consider for your business.

We’ll cover:

  • The importance and difference between brand building and direct response marketing
  • Understanding where your marketing fits into sales funnels
  • Measuring your marketing to know what’s working and what isn’t
  • Measuring your finance metrics to understand what needs to be adjusted to achieve better results
  • Understanding what levers to pull to help cash flow
  • The importance of forecasting for your business

Webinar details

When: Wednesday 6th December 2023

Duration: 1 hour

Time: 10am -11am

Cost: Free

Statistics from a previous webinar

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