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This is a subject that’s close to our hearts: ‘How to make the perfect cup of tea’. There have been many discussions between the team on this important topic, which has resulted in the fine-tuned process outlined below.

This is the step by step process we use to create the perfect cup of tea at Xpand HQ!

  1. First, you will need the all important tools and ingredients.
  2. While the kettle boils, add the teabag. We prefer Yorkshire Tea.
  3. Add your sugar (if you have a sweet tooth).
  4. When the kettle is boiled, pour the water into the cup.
  5. Let the tea brew, for at least 1 minute (we recommend 3).
  6. Give the tea a quick stir, squeeze and remove the tea bag.
  7. Add milk (some like a lot, we like just a little) and then stir.
  8. And there it is, the perfect brew!

If you have been affected by any crimes to the art of tea making, contact Xpand. We’re here to help….

Ryan McGovern

By Ryan McGovern

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