Design inspiration: June 2018

Each week, we take a look at big brands that have refreshed their branding, so we’ve decided to create a round up of our favourites to share. Enjoy!

Every week at Xpand, we share news and inspiration around our specialist areas, to keep up to date with what’s going on in the marketing and design world. Each week, we take a look at big brands that have refreshed their branding, so we’ve decided to create a round up of our favourites to share. Enjoy!

American Express

American Express Rebrand

Pentagram partner Abbott Miller recently refreshed the AmEx brand identity for the first time in 37 years. The project set out to bring a more cohesive look to the existing branding, ensuring that it works across physical and digital touchpoints on a global scale.

The refreshed identity sees the logotype redrawn to work across applications such as smartphones and retail installations.

The existing blue box logo has been retained, which features two stacked lines of outlined lettering. The lettering has been redrawn and rendered in bold, so that the logo functions on both large and small scales.

Pentagram has also developed an alternative logo to use on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. This version sees the larger word marque cropped to use the name “AMEX”.

While the logo doesn’t look much different to the former iteration at first glance, it’s a huge change in terms of functionality and bringing the brand into the digital spectrum.

American Express Rebrand


Santander Rebrand

These sentiments were also shared by Santander, who have refined their brand to become more modern, more digital, and more in tune with new generations. While retaining its most distinctive traits: the name, the colour red and the “flame”, Interbrand have developed the identity to gain greater visibility and improve the user experience in the digital world.

The new logo features a slimmer font with a bright red colour easily adaptable to digital formats, while the red background has been swapped for a cleaner-looking white one that aims to improve visibility and achieve a minimalist aesthetic. By freeing itself of the red square, it gains more flexibility for use across multiple platforms.

Santander Rebrand



HSBC Rebrand

Rounding off the bank revamps, HSBC also updated its logo using a sans serif font and released an accompanying set of marketing visuals, alongside a larger, more prominent version of its iconic hexagon.

The hexagon also looks to be bigger and bolder as compared to the old logo, and the bank’s name is resized to be slightly smaller. Overall, the new logo is more uniform and adaptable to digital formats.

Underpinned by the phrase ‘Together we thrive,’ the brand update follows the recent trend of global financial institutions becoming more digital-ready while addressing the need to display a wider purpose.

HSBC Rebrand

These changes by three worldwide financial institutions are an example of the cultural transformation banks are undergoing to help people and businesses prosper in a more simple, personal and down to earth way.


Remember when KFC ran out of chicken?

Despite this being a bit of a disaster for the fried chicken giant, some clever brand PR actually managed to turn a complete fiasco into a triumph.

Largely down to advertising agency Mother London, KFC developed a sense of humour and cheeky tone to their brand voice. What better way to humanize a brand than with some self-deprecation?


The D&AD awards, that exist to promote excellence in design and advertising, took place in April and among the winners was Mother London, who scooped top prize for their tongue and cheek response to the fiasco.

Catch Fish and Chips

Finally as web design advances so do the boundaries of what is possible. We came across a quirky little website for Catch Fish & Chips, a fish and chip restaurant in Australia.

Catch Fish And Chips Website

Their homepage features a full screen animation demonstrating the preparation of their fish, which advances when the user scrolls. There are only two other pages on the website – Menu and Contact. And do they really need anything else?

Sometimes it’s worth taking risks!

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