Social media content is about authenticity. Be authentic and you’ll always get better engagement.

Danni Johnson – Head of Digital Marketing

Social media content can sometimes be seen as a dark art, but it’s really not. Authenticity is key to the success of building your personal or brand profile. If you understand the platform you are using and the audience you want to speak to, you can achieve some amazing results.

Getting positive feedback from a client is what makes me tick. Above all else, the knowledge that I have been able to have a positive impact on a person or a business is what drives me to keep on top of my game.

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Danni Johnson

Phil Storey, Founder, Glow

Danni recently provided a 'healthcheck' on my LinkedIn profile and I have to say, I learned a lot! Danni demonstrated her clearly deep knowledge of LinkedIn and how you can setup your profile so that it is more attractive to potential strategic partners, clients and contacts. If you're looking at your profile and thinking it really needs an update but you're not sure how to do it, I'd highly recommend you contact Danni at Xpand

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