Free webinar – Will your 2021 marketing strategy get you where you want to go? Let’s find out…

What do you want your marketing to do for you in 2021? It goes without saying that it’s likely to...

What do you want your marketing to do for you in 2021? It goes without saying that it’s likely to be a challenging year, so join Jag on a free webinar to learn about the things you need to consider for your 2021 marketing strategy.

  • When: Thursday 19th November
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Time: 10am
  • Cost: Free

Who should attend?

Business owners or marketing personnel that are responsible for planning their company’s marketing in 2021.

Why should I attend?

The media have recently reported a possibility that the UK will fall into a double dip recession. Should we believe them? Is it the usual scare mongering that helps them get eyeballs on their articles?

Data from research company GfK showed that the UK consumer confidence index tumbled 6 percentage points to minus 31 in the first half of October, which strongly points to a double dip recession possibility.

What does this mean for your marketing in 2021? It means it needs to be watertight with every possible angle considered.

You need to think smart and spend smart to ensure your business survives the already tough times that are about to get tougher.

In this webinar, Jag will talk about the key areas to focus on to ensure your marketing is on point in 2021 to help.

In this FREE session Jag will cover:

1. How marketing has changed due to COVID-19 and what you need to consider for 2021

2. A break down of the key areas to highlight where you need to focus your efforts

3. How to understand your audience in more depth

4. Setting realistic objectives

5. Understanding the critical things you need to do to achieve your objectives

6. Useful tools for supporting your strategy creation

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