5 Branding Tips

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A brand is so much more than just a logo. It is the essence of what your business/ product stands for. How you communicate this will play a large part in your brand’s success.

Here are a few tips on branding that my clients have found helpful in the past:

1) Always keep your branding consistent across all marketing materials i.e. colours, logo, message, format etc.

2) Keep it simple. The simpler your branding and your message is, the easier it will be to remember. Think of the Nike logo (a simple flat coloured tick) and their ‘Just Do It’ strapline( 3 simple words relating to activities associated with their products).

3) Brief staff on your brand ethics/ code/ identity so they can all represent your business in the correct way. Your staff are ambassadors for your brand.

4) Keep an eye on who is talking about your brand and what they’re saying through online tools such as Google Alerts and regular monitoring of press releases and social media

5) Ask your graphic designer for a set of brand guidelines. This will help you understand what fonts/ colours/ components your logo is made up of and other colours that will compliment it.


Jag Panesar

By Jag Panesar

Jag set up Xpand in 2007. His core role is to ensure all projects are delivered to exceed client expectations and produce a return on their investment.