Why you should print on both sides of stationery

There’s no bigger waste of space than a single sided business card!

What is the point of branded stationery? Whether it’s a business card, a commercial complement slip or even a letterhead, it is all part of your business branding. It is an essential part of establishing your brand and making it easily identifiable to everyone who views your stationery.

Keeping this aim in mind, there’s no bigger waste of space than a single sided business card (or compliment slip and letterhead for that matter!).

When a single sided business card is laid face down on a table, it’s a wasted branding opportunity. With branding on the back, it’s one more opportunity for your brand to stand out. However, if it is left blank then you have lost the opportunity to be seen by a potential customer.

Your stationery is an asset that belongs to you that eventually goes into the hands of your customers or prospects. Surely you would want to take every possible opportunity for them to see and remember your brand?

Branded stationery is extremely important for your business. It helps you stand out from the crowd, allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and also helps you make a great first impression.

In essence a business card (or other stationery) is not just a piece of card, it can lead to great opportunities, a new client, a new customer or even a new business partnership, but none of this can happen if the prospect you give your stationery to doesn’t remember you.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, take every opportunity to communicate your branding this includes printing on both sides of your business stationery so that you can get maximum exposure regardless of which side your stationary is placed down on!

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