5 brilliant business card designs we’ve seen

We do branding and design work for businesses regularly, so we always appreciate a good business card design when we see one. Here are a few we like.

At Xpand we do branding and design work for businesses on a regular basis, so we always appreciate a good business card design when we see one.

Below are some business card designs we really love and feel are extremely creative. Take a look, do you agree?

1. So Good You Can Eat It

Ever fancied eating someone’s business card? No, us neither, but it does make for a cool business card especially for a food business such as The Bombay Bakery.

Here’s another one for a survival company, biscuits, and beef jerky anyone?

2. Making It Useful

We love this cheese grater business card by Brazil-based specialist cheese shop Bon Vivant, definitely useful but also in line with their main product!

3. Make It Unique

This cool font based card makes sense for a graphic designer; it’s also a unique shape so stands out from other business cards. To be totally unique why stick with a business card why not print your name on a figurine like LEGO employees.

4. Experiment With Shapes

Like the design above you don’t have to follow the normal designs, why not experiment with shapes like these cool graphic designer cards.

5. Have Fun With It

These fun cards are great as they represent the business they are created for. What can be better than a yoga mat for a yoga instructor, a ‘rock and roll playing comb’ card for a rock and roll hair salon, or a Vinyl card for a vinyl lover?

So what do you think? The above examples definitely show what a little creative input can do.

If you are looking for creative branding and graphic design work we can help. Get in touch for more information.

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