Network, Network, Network!

The more you meet and connect with people the stronger your relationships will become, and the more likely they are to buy from you or recommend you!
Jag Panesar

A great website, clear branding and a detailed marketing plan will definitely get a big thumbs up from us, but if you’re not getting out and about and networking with the right type of people you’re likely to be missing out on huge opportunities.

There is no better form of marketing than word of mouth (positive of course!) and rubbing shoulders with people in your business community is the best way to get people talking about you and your brand.

Attending regular networking events local to your business as well as ones specific to your sector can not only help you remain competitive by keeping on the cutting edge of current trends in your market but can also help you diversify your network of contacts.

The more you meet and connect with people the stronger your relationships will become, and the more likely they are to buy from you or recommend you!

In addition to this, there are many other benefits to networking which we have outlined below.

Lead Generation And Increased Business

Networking should not be something that is all about you. It should be done in a way where you build natural relationships, which lead to referrals and recommendations. If done effectively and properly it can be a great source of leads and business – but again it has to be done right.

Whenever you are networking, try to see what you can do for the other person before you ask for anything in return. This builds up trust and leads to a stronger long-term relationship that will bear fruit over time. The more you help others reach their business targets the more willing they will be to help you too.

When you have a solid network in place, you can tap into it to increase business and lead generation. The referrals that come through this way are higher quality as they are generally backed by a recommendation and are a warm lead instead of a cold lead.

New Opportunities

Meeting up with other business owners who are equally motivated as you are can lead to new opportunities and avenues that you never even thought of.

Opportunities such as joint ventures, new client leads, collaborative projects or speaking engagements can result from a simple meeting with the right contact, which is where the power of networking really starts to show.

Greater Connections

When you make an effort to increase your network with good, solid and relevant connections you are growing your circle of influence, this will naturally open many new doors to other highly influential people who you may not have access to if it was just you and your immediate circle of friends.

When you create new connections you are also potentially opening yourself up to be part of their network too, as they will no doubt bring their own set of connections your way. This ultimately leads to business growth and amazing opportunities that would not be accessible to you in your immediate circle of influence.

Help And Advice

When networking with businesses and owners in and outside of your industry you will get the opportunity to discuss issues that you may be having in your business that other business owners may also be going through.

Together you can resolve issues and identify solutions that may not have been obvious to you without a different perspective.

Networking is also a great way to tap into the expertise and knowledge of businesses that may be further along the line than you, or even in an entirely different market to you.

In conclusion, we highly recommend networking as a way to gain new clients, and build a sustainable business through effective word of mouth marketing.

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