Five Facebook business features you need to know about

You may not think that Facebook is a suitable platform for business use - but you'd be wrong! We have five tips to help you use your Facebook Business page to optimise your account to achieve your marketing objectives.

‘Facebook isn’t suitable for business use’ is something we often hear people say. We beg to differ!

Read our 5 tips on optimising your Facebook business page and you may agree with us that it can significantly help your marketing.

1. Target audiences for increased engagement

Audience Optimisation is a new feature that allows you to target your audience more effectively. It allows you to connect people to topics that will interest them or limit which audiences see your post.  The outcome of this is that it creates better engagement.

2. Find out what to post and when with Facebook Insights

Use Facebook insights to see when your fans are online and what type of content they prefer. This will enable you to create suitable content for your target audience and give them the best chance to see it.

3. Watch your Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitor’s activity using the “Pages You Watch” feature. You can then see how they’re performing and what works for them, allowing you to use this information to make better choices about your own activity.

4. Give great customer service with Facebook Messenger

Use social media as a customer service tool and let your customers contact you via Facebook Messenger. Your response time will be displayed on your page showing how quickly you reply, so be sure to reply to your customers in good time!

5. Use calls to action to fulfil your marketing objectives

Creating Calls To Action on your Facebook page and any videos you upload can help you meet your marketing objectives. Encouraging your fans to book an appointment, sign up for a newsletter or watch a video can help you convert more business.

You CAN use Facebook for your business

These are just some of the ways you can use Facebook to promote your business. As always with marketing, record, analyse and amend to get the most out of any given platform.

If you need any more pointers on this subject or anything else marketing related, get in touch, we’re always happy to help!