6 TED Talks That Anyone Working in Marketing Should Watch

TED has been spreading innovative perspectives and knowledge to millions of people since 1984. Today we want to highlight some great talks that every marketer should watch.
Nayar Pervez

TED has been spreading innovative perspectives and knowledge to millions of people since 1984. The plethora of FREE information and videos on a variety of topics is mind-boggling!

So today we decided to extract some great talks that every marketer should watch to gain a better understanding of brands, customers, and marketing.


1. Seth Godin- The Tribes We Lead

If you have any link to marketing then you will know who Seth Godin is. Founder of Squidoo.com, a brilliant marketer and author of 17 books including Tribes and Purple Cow, Seth once again delivers a brilliant TED talk!

In this talk, Seth outlines how digitalisation has forced us to think differently about marketing. Cookie cutter, mass marketing strategies no longer work.

To captivate an audience you must now rise above the noise and create marketing that challenges the status quo and brings together people based on their shared interests and ideologies. Build a brand by bringing together tribes of people on a shared vision while also telling a brilliant story.

2. Sheena Iyengar- How To Make Choosing Easier

Sometimes giving too much choice to your clients or customers can actually lead to ‘Choice Overload’ a situation where they don’t make any decision at all.

You may feel by offering a broader selection of products or services you can reach a larger audience base, however, this can backfire by leading to inaction instead. Sheena shows you how sometimes offering just a few options rather than loads can actually be more effective.

3. Steven Johnson- Where Good Ideas Come From

Creativity and ideas are seen as sporadic activities that are only triggered in ‘Eureka’ moments.

In this talk, Steven explains how we can stop looking for specific moments of creativity and embrace the notion that creativity is a mindset that can be present wherever and whenever we want it.

Creativity forms a huge part of marketing, whether it is coming up with a new concept for a campaign or even a new angle to a marketing message, therefore it’s great to learn that all of us can enhance our creativity to get better ideas that can help our clients.

4. Mary Norris- The Nit-Picking Glory Of The New Yorker’s Comma Queen

Content is the backbone of marketing. Whatever medium you choose whether you are creating a video campaign, an infographic, a podcast or even written content- all of these first require content to be created.

In this talk, Mary outlines key insights into creating an effective content process, from strategy to final publishing and everything in between!

5. Amy Lockwood- Selling Condoms In The Congo

Don’t be deceived by the fun title of this talk. Understanding your customer is serious business especially as it is the pinnacle of marketing! Which is why things such as ‘customer avatar documents’ and ‘buyer persona’s’ exist.

Knowing your customer and the issues they face can help you construct a marketing message that allows you to outline the benefits of your product and how it is the perfect solution to their problem.

In this talk, Amy outlines how the messaging on your marketing is important, and how you can create the correct messaging by identifying your end user before anything else.

6. Kevin Allocca- Why Videos Go Viral

Video marketing is huge! Companies such as Facebook are investing heavily in video and there’s a reason why. According to a Cisco report, 80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video content by 2019.

For this reason, it’s great to get some nuggets on how to make YOUR video marketing strategy work for you. What better way to do it than analysing some of the most viral videos in the world?

That’s all folks; we hope these TED talks inspired you to look at your marketing in a different light, and hopefully apply some of the nuggets to your own campaigns.


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