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As a branding agency, we absolutely love creating strong, market relevant brand identities that give your business a professional and high impact look. It’s the foundation to your marketing communications so it’s crucial to get it right.

Branding Isn’t Just Logo Design

We’re no ordinary branding agency. At Xpand, we combine our creativity with a results-oriented approach to create innovative branding that stands out from the noise and drives your business. We bring your brand to life, both online and offline, in a way that will engage your target market, generate customer enquiries, build brand loyalty and awareness, and secure fantastic ROI.

It’s not just about the logo…

Brand design is so much more than just creating a killer logo. Your brand is the world’s perception of who you are and what you do, and every single part of your communications contributes to this. In the busy online community, you need to stand out from the crowd with a compelling branding strategy.

A brand identity should consider the name, logo, styling, typography, colours, imagery, icons, and tone of voice – in fact absolutely every piece of communication, both internal and external. A strong brand identity will help you achieve your goals and targets, and position you ahead of your competition, helping your business to grow.

Creating brands that do more than just look good

Of course, all of our brands are attractive and visually compelling. But they are also so much more than that. We start by learning everything there is to know about your business. This allows us to create brands that target the correct audiences, put you ahead of your competition, clearly convey your identity, and most importantly, get you results.

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