The heat is on

When WarmFloors spoke to us about helping them to get a clearer direction with their business and grow online, we were only too happy to help. After all it’s what we’re good at!

Within only a few months of working with us, WarmFloors had already started expanding through creation of a new job role. In addition to this the feedback on the new branding had been extremely positive!

The right strategy

When it came to creating the strategy, we took our time to really understand their business and their market. We wanted to know everything about WarmFloors, from what their competitors were doing, all the way to their customers’ buying habits.

With that information, we provided WarmFloors with a 12 month plan that would deliver the growth they wanted.

We created a marketing strategy for Warm Floors

The right brand

The first step on the plan was to create a brand identity that was relevant to their market.

To appeal to their target audience, we created a logo that gives a feeling of comfort, luxury and quality. The brand is completely different to their competition and really makes them stand out from the crowd!

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