From website to countryside in a matter of clicks

We were approached by Upwood Holiday Park via another marketing specialist. As part of the process we were shortlisted down to 3 suppliers and were chosen to work on the project due to the collaborative synergies between the 2 agencies.

Taking a ‘mobile first’ approach

We knew that this website would have very high usage on mobile phones so needed to make sure the user journey/ user flow was well planned to ensure they
had a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Image of a mobile phone

User flow creation

The client was very happy to be guided on the best way to portray their holiday park. We worked with the copy provided by the agency we were working with and added micro copy around the site to create prominent calls to action.

The end result

The end result was a website that the client was delighted with. We ensured the website had Google Analytics and Search Console (as we do with all our sites) so we could track usage patterns over time to provide regular feedback on ways to further improve the user experience.

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What the client had to say

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