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Helping win global contracts

PEC are specialists in contracting, manufacturing and shopfitting. We’ve worked with them to raise their profile and help win lucrative contracts since 2010.

Manufacturing the perfect brand image

The PEC brand is well known within its target markets and continues to gain momentum as a strong and reputable brand.

The key to our success with PEC has been our close attention to detail when it comes to staying true to the brand. Every bit of communication is closely vetted to stay in line with the company's brand guidelines including its written tone of voice.

Construction Magazine PR for PEC

PEC website on an iPad

Over £100,000 raised at charity events

Every year, PEC hold a charity to support a cause close to their hearts. Over the years we have been central to organising  events which included PR, design and general promotions to help them get some cracking results. Over the years PEC have raised well over £100,000 at their corporate charity events and we’ve been with them every step of the way.