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Custom made educational software for rugby students

JTB Rugby needed a custom built training system building, and they needed it within 3 weeks. Big job, short time frame, just the way we like it!

It's all in the planning

We spent a significant amount of time planning all the possible outcomes and creating wireframes or ‘blueprints’ for all the major pages on the system. With our plans fully laid out, we got to work.

JTB Website Process

Creating the perfect user experience

The target audience for this system were school students aged 8 to 15 years so it needed to have a friendly look while remaining user friendly.

The system allows every user to have their own profile page that will provide an overview of their progress on their achievements for each unit.

JTB Rugby front end development

Ready, steady, go!

We created a traffic light system that would allow the young users to easily identify areas where they had completed units and areas that still needed attention.

The simple colour based system made it extremely easy to use.

JTB Rugby Traffic Lights User Interface Design

Mobile friendly

Development of the system for use on mobile phones wasn't part of the specification but it was a feature we added anyway.

Due to the young age of the users and the outdoor nature of the exercises, we made sure it was easy to use on mobile devices.

The end result was an extremely happy client that was able to build his business with this custom built system at the heart of it.

JTB Rugby iPhone

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