Energy Mill needed 500 members to ensure a succesful launch. And that's what they got!

Energy Mill approached us to help launch their second gym due to the breadth of service we offered, and they weren’t disappointed with the results!

Strategy creation

One of the main reasons Energy Mill chose to work with us was their requirement for strategic advice.
We created a 3 month campaign strategy to help them reach their member sign up targets.
We provided in depth research on all competitors, customer demographics, suitable marketing channels and creative yet cost effective ways to build brand awareness.

Energy Mill Gym competitor research map

Getting the right look and feel

Energy Mill’s second branch had a very different audience to its first branch. It needed to be positioned to appeal to a female as well as a male audience. In addition to this, it needed to represent a variety of services. Our answer to this challenge was to create one generic logo and then sub logos that focused in on specific services such as the ladies gym, spa and physiotherapy.

The Energy Mill team liked our branding so much that they decided to transfer it over to their first branch as well!

Energy Mill website design

Getting the right media channels for the right audience

Part of our research included finding prominent spots for Energy Mill to expose its new brand. We provided all suitable advertising platforms including outdoor media, lifestyle magazines and social media strategies.

In addition to this, we created all artwork and copy to draw the attention of their target audience.Energy Mill promotional poster

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