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Making Autoboss UK, auto boss of the UK

Autoboss UK approached us in 2008 via a recommendation from another client. We’ve been working with them ever since and have achieved 40% year on year growth over five years.

0-60 in no time at all

From the outset we did our research and gained a strong understanding of the client’s target market so we were able to quickly implement a multi-channel communications strategy to penetrate the automotive industry. We’ve been handling all of Autoboss UK’s media relations since then, developing strong relationships with the trade media.

Autoboss brochure design

No-nonsense brand

In the time we've worked with Autoboss UK, they have become very well known in the industry as a no nonsense, confident brand that can stand behind everything it claims thanks to our consistent drip technique.

Autoboss Flyers

New year, new gear

We achieved fantastic results for Autoboss UK through advertising and PR in trade publications, design, planning for trade exhibitions, pay per click advertising, design of marketing literature and stationery and general on-going strategic consultation.

With every year we work with Autoboss UK, they grow stronger and stronger. New year, new gear!

Autoboss Email MArketing Campaign

We achieved..

40% year on year growth over 5 years