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Building the perfect launch pad for Apex 4D

We fought off tough competition to help this innovative healthcare facilities management initiative get off the ground.

A new perspective for Apex 4D

The client came to us with a vision to offer a new kind of service in the healthcare sector and needed help with communicate their innovative ideas – from naming the business right through to developing a 12 month launch strategy.

Apex 4D responsive website

Getting the building blocks in order

With very little time and a lot of tea, we came up with the name for the business, followed by development of branding concepts, creation of a 3 month plan for market research, strategy development, design and development of a mobile responsive CMS website, creation of brand guidelines and design of stationery and presentations.

The apex of healthcare estate management

We knew that Apex 4D had to stand out, so we developed a strong and expandable brand, a confident and industry leading personality, and easy-to-use responsive website. The launch date was meticulously timed for everything to go live on the same day – website, signage, literature, business meetings – everything. Since launching, Apex 4D has outshone competitors and won major contracts while sticking closely to the original brand concepts borne on a cold, tea fueled morning 3 months prior!

Apex 4D on iPhone responsive website