Xpand Helps Social Enterprise Saltaire Canteen Tackle Food Wastage

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Xpand Helps Social Enterprise Saltaire Canteen Tackle Food Wastage Image

A Saltaire based social enterprise is now able to further tackle the issue of food wastage thanks to assistance from Xpand.

Saltaire Canteen, part of the national Real Junk Food Project, makes use of surplus food from local supermarkets and community donations to provide high quality, nutritious food on a ‘pay as you feel’ basis for diners. The community run bistro has a new website with a professionally made animation to communicate its offering, which was created by us.

‘We desperately needed a new website to help communicate what we’re trying to achieve’ commented Saltaire Canteen founder Duncan Milwain. ‘30% of food in the UK is wasted. To put that into perspective, an area the size of Wales would be needed to grow all the food that goes in the bin. We work to put this surplus food back into circulation and tackle the issue of over farming. We approached Xpand to help communicate this through a new website and we’re delighted that they were so supportive in going way beyond what was asked for. The website has only been live for a few weeks and has already had some fantastic feedback’

The Victoria Road based bistro also services the community by providing meals for school children and cooking classes for selected community members such as recent widowers.

Xpand director Jag Panesar commented ‘When Saltaire Canteen approached us, we really bought into what they were trying to achieve, so much so that we decided to push the boat out. Rather than just giving the basic website that they only had the budget for, we spent the time to create something that really reflected their ethos through providing web design, animation and photography. The team and I are extremely proud to be able to give our community the support it deserves.

Find out more about the animation and website we created for Saltaire Canteen.