Pulling The Rewards From The Award: How Entering A Business Award Can Benefit Your Company.

Join us on Wednesday the 25th of August for the first in our series #XpandOnTour, where we 'virtually' travel around the country to bring you expert knowledge from specialists across the marketing industry.

Research shows that award-winning businesses can expect to see a boost in sales of 37%, as well as a 44% increase in their businesses stock price. These reasons alone justify entering your business for an award, but there are many more benefits to consider beyond these statistics. 

Winning an award as a business, or even the prospect of being shortlisted is a huge motivator and morale booster for all employees within the business. It’s a massively beneficial marketing strategy because employees will naturally become advocates for the place that they work. Having that stamp of approval from an awarding body, not only gives you further credibility and that edge on your competitors but says a massive thank you to the people behind the business.

Keen to know more?

Our PR expert, Gemma Birbeck will be talking through the details of how entering awards as a business is great for employees and can help to maximise your marketing strategy. 

With awards season in full swing, she’ll also give exclusive tips on how to write a winning award entry.

When: 25th August – 10 am 

Duration: Allow an hour 

Cost: Free

Who should attend?

If you’re interested in learning about how to use the scope of your award to benefit your business beyond just the winning a title, you should attend!

If one of these statements below applies to you, then sign up:

  • I am a business owner or employee, who is responsible for entering my business into an award and want to know more about how doing so can be beneficial. 
  • I am marketing personnel, interesting in hearing more about how entering business awards can help me in marketing strategies, for either my business or my clients.
  • I think I’m ready to enter my business for an award and need that final reason to do so!

What will be covered? 

This webinar will cover:

  • How to identify the right awards to enter
  • What makes a winning award entry
  • Awards to stay clear of
  • How to maximise a shortlist or win
  • Where awards fit into your marketing strategy