Mini blog 22: Give journalists what they want

| Xmas 2014 Mini Blogs

Mini blog 22: Give journalists what they want Image

If you’re writing a press release for any type of publication, it’s much more likely to get published if you make the journalist’s job much easier. Below are 4 tips on how you can make a journalist’s life easier and increase the chances of your press release being published:

  1. Provide a clear title and digestible paragraphs so the reader can easily skim read your press release.
  2. Provide a separate section independent to the press release that outlines any background information such as company history.
  3. Think about the audience of the publication you are sending the press release to and write it based on what they would be interested in reading.
  4. Send a good quality picture that tells a story and give clear notes on names and titles of people in the picture.

Follow these 4 tips and you’re much more likely to get your press release published!

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