Supporting a new start business and young people’s education

At Xpand, our core purpose is to make our mark on the world. Read below to find out how our Director, Jag Panesar is one step closer to achieving that.

Making our mark on the world is our core purpose. One way we do this is by helping people grow and develop as professionals, so when the opportunity to mentor a new start business and join a board to help shape the local education curriculum came along, we knew we had to get involved! 

Our Director Jag has recently committed to two pro bono roles:

  1. Becoming a mentor on the  Northern Max Accelerator programme. 

2. Becoming a Board member on the  Business Board for Careers Technical Education Partnership.

Here’s more information on each role…

The Northern Max Accelerator Mentoring Programme 

Jag has become a mentor on the Northern Max Accelerator programme, which is part of Ad: Venture. He will be mentoring two new start business owners to help build their business, Intentionally Left. 

Intentionally Left is a new start tech company that will offer performing artists the opportunity to broadcast live to a venue through a number of devices such as TVs, iPads and iPhones to create surround sound and surround visuals. 

The mentoring programme will run for 10 weeks. At the end of the programme, the mentees will have the opportunity to pitch investment.

The Business Board for Careers Technical Education Partnership

This body aims to bring industry experts and educational providers together to help young people acquire the skills and experience they need to progress into their chosen career. Jag will work with educators and offer industry expertise and strategic guidance to develop a curriculum in the sector and support young people across the district. This will also be supported by members of the Xpand team. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic has put the focus back on young people and their futures and we need to help them follow their dreams, be that in business for themselves or pursuing the career they’ve always wanted.” commented Jag.

“As the UK recovers after the economic impact of Covid-19, we need lots of new and modern businesses with the ability to grow quickly, helping to restore the country’s finances and provide the new jobs and employment opportunities we need to bounce back.

“Young people will be the driving force of the new economy and they’ve had it tough in 2020 and into 2021. I’m proud to be able to play a part in investing in our young people and helping them to achieve their ambitions.”

Jag has already attended the first meetings with both bodies and we’re pretty excited to see the outcome at the end of the process!

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