8 ways to make best use of your YouTube channel

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8 ways to make best use of your YouTube channel Image

YouTube is a powerful tool for presenting your brand to clients and customers. We have put together 8 ways that you can improve the way you communicate with your YouTube audience.


1. Design your own custom cover photo.

Creating your own cover photos can reinforce your brand, and make you look more professional. Creating a good first impression when people visit your channel is the first step in creating positive engagement with your audience.

2. Add tags on videos

Tags are words that relate to the content of your video. By adding these, people will be able to find your videos through searching, and your videos will be linked to other relevant content. Use words from your keyword strategy, and from YouTube’s keyword tool.

3. Make a thumbnail that stands out

A thumbnail is the small image that represents your video on the listing pages on YouTube. Creating a thumbnail that entices users to click on it will encourage people to watch your content.

4. Put annotations and calls to action in your videos

You can add annotation and call to action links over the top of your video through YouTube. These are a great way of diverting traffic to your website from your YouTube channel.

5. Create playlists with topic relevant videos

A playlist allows you to group together videos with related content. Viewers enjoy watching videos relating to the one they are already watching.

6. Add a YouTube button to your website or blog.

Linking to your YouTube content from your website will increase the amount of people that will visit your YouTube page.

7. Promote videos on external websites.

Getting your videos posted on external website will increase the reach of your content. Try and get your videos placed on websites that relate to the information in your video.

8. Use YouTube’s free analytics tool.

YouTube provides a free analytics tool where you can monitor the amount of views and subscribers, among other variables. By using this you should be able to see which videos are most popular, and the type of people that are viewing them.

Keep on YouTubing!

We hope these tips help you to increase the number of viewers and subscribers to your YouTube content. If you need any help with your video marketing, please get in touch.