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At Xpand we rely on a number of pieces of software to allow us to plan, schedule and understand our work. We’ve put together 5 tools that we couldn’t live without. Try them for yourself to see if they could help you with your business.

1) Basecamp

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To help us keep track of projects and liaise with our clients we use Basecamp as the central hub of our communications. With Basecamp we can share files, post documents, discuss projects and collaborate with our clients to manage feedback.

2) Toggl

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This online time tracking service allows us to allocate and record our time against projects. Toggl allows us to see how accurate our estimations on time are to keep our projects on track.

3) Teamweek

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This Gantt Chart program is great for getting a clear overview of multiple projects and how they fit into your work schedule. Teamweek allows you to drag projects around a timeline so that if plans change you can rearrange tasks to fit around your busy schedule.

4) Buffer

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With this social media management tool you can schedule updates to multiple social media platforms from a single program. Buffer can help to keep your social media updates appearing throughout a week, without the need to go into multiple accounts when you want to post.

5) Feedly

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When you need to find relevant content the app we turn to is Feedly. This collates online publications into an easy to read and search interface, allowing you to keep up to date with blog posts and articles.

These are just a few examples of pieces of software that help us here at Xpand. If you want to start a project with us, please get in touch.

Jag Panesar

By Jag Panesar

Jag set up Xpand in 2007. His core role is to ensure all projects are delivered to exceed client expectations and produce a return on their investment.