10 Ways To Improve Your SEO


10 Ways To Improve Your SEO Image

If you have been following our weekly ’10 year anniversary’ blogs, you’ll know that to celebrate our 10 years in business we are releasing themed weekly blog posts on various topics. In today’s post, we have an infographic that outlines the 10 ways you can improve your SEO to make sure your business is seen by your target market.

10 SEO tips infographic

This post is part of our ‘10 years in business’ series; stay tuned for more valuable content in the lead up to our 10th anniversary.

We’ve created the Complete SEO Glossary to help you understand any jargon contained in this article.

Nayar Pervez

By Nayar Pervez

Nayar is our resident social media expert and copywriter. She has worked with clients throughout the U.K and U.S.A with a particular focus on results-driven content.