10 Key Marketing Trends In 2017

| 10 Year Anniversary

10 Key Marketing Trends In 2017 Image

If you have been following our weekly ’10 year anniversary’ blogs, you’ll know that to celebrate our 10 years in business we are releasing themed weekly blog posts on various topics. This week we have an infographic for you.

Marketing is forever changing, keeping up with the latest trends can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. To help you out, we have narrowed down 10 key marketing trends we think will dominate 2017 and beyond. Make sure that your business is ready to take on these trends as we only see them growing.

Infographic showing the 10 key marketing trends in 2017

This post is part of our ‘10 years in business’ series; stay tuned for more valuable content in the lead up to our 10th anniversary.

Joe Murray

By Joe Murray

Joe is our Digital Designer and has been with Xpand since 2012. His role includes creating hard hitting graphic design, motion graphics and user friendly websites as well as business development.