10 Interesting Facts About Xpand

| 10 Year Anniversary

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Over the past few weeks, we have been releasing ’10 themed’ blog posts on various topics in a build up to our 10th anniversary. Today we wanted to share some interesting facts about Xpand and the team.

1. Between us we are savvy with 11 languages, including English, Thai, Spanish, Urdu, German, Punjabi, Hindi, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP!

Hello in multiple languages

2. Some facts about the team:

Xpand team facts

  • Jag’s full name is Jagdeesh which means ‘Lord of the world’. He originally wanted to be a teacher as they get the most holidays- luckily he decided to go into marketing instead. He’s also part of a band and plays the bass guitar.
  • Julian is our resident classic car restoration expert.
  • Joe is the youngest but also the longest serving employee of Xpand. He also won a modeling competition when he was 12!
  • Ryan has lived in Bangkok and can speak and read Thai and a number of other languages.
  • Simon wanted to become a paleontologist before Ross from Friends made it ‘cool’ (He also has the girliest handwriting in the office).
  • Nayar has lived in Pakistan for 4 years and has been on an airplane more times than her actual age!

3. We have collectibles and souvenirs in the office from around the globe that date back almost 30 years.

Office wall

From an ‘AT-AT’ walker (from the movie The Empire Strikes Back) given to Jag on his 5th Birthday to an orange Hawaiian Tiki from Maui that fits perfectly with the office branding, we surround ourselves with things that inspire us to be as creative as we can be!

4. Since starting up we have outgrown 3 offices and are now in our 4th!

4th Xpand Office

5. We’ve still got the very first iMac Jag used for client work to remind us of our humble beginnings.

First iMac

6. Over the years we’ve donated 500+ chocolate treats for disadvantaged children throughout the Bradford region.

Easter Eggs

7. Between us, we can play drums, piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, and acoustic guitar. So if all else fails we can always form a band, and call it the Xpandables!

Xpandables band

8. Our best and quickest result to date was a 100:1 ROI for one of our clients. With a £400 spend we got the client £40,000 worth of sales within 48 hours!

100:1 ROI

9. Our closest client is 1 meter away (next door) and our furthest client is  10,512 miles away in Melbourne!

Our nearest and furthest clients

10. We started in 2007, and have been serving clients for 10 years.

Xpand has been around for ten years

That’s all folks, we hope you enjoyed these interesting facts about Xpand!

This post is part of our ‘10 years in business’ series; stay tuned for more valuable and fun content in the lead up to our 10th anniversary.

Simon Patchett

By Simon Patchett

Simon is our Operations Manager and search marketing expert having previously worked with clients such as Ladbrokes & First4Lawyers. He is also responsible for creating marketing strategies that get results for a wide range of clients.