10 Of Our Favourite Blog Posts

| 10 Year Anniversary

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Over the past few weeks, we have been releasing ’10 themed’ blog posts on various topics in a build up to our 10th anniversary. Today we wanted to share 10 of our favourite blog posts from our own blog.

1. Good Design VS. Bad Design

You’d be amazed at how many bad business cards we come across on a weekly basis. Your business card represents you and your business; don’t let bad design ruin a potential sales opportunity! In this post, we created an infographic to outline good design vs. bad design for business cards.

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2. Favourite Photos

As part of our ‘10’ theme, we posted a blog that amused a lot of our readers. It included 10 of our favourite photos over the years.

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3. Dr. X’s Marketing Machine

Dr X's Marketing Machine header

The key to a successful business is marketing your product or service to your target audience. In this post, Dr ‘X’ outlined his marketing machine via an infographic that highlighted the steps required to create a marketing plan to benefit your business.

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4. Email Marketing For Businesses Success

Why email marketing is important for your small business?

Email marketing is by far the most cost-effective way to reach your target market and connect with them on a personal level. But there are certain mistakes we see businesses make time and time again in their email marketing campaigns.

In this post, we outlined 3 mistakes we regularly come across and how you can avoid them.

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5. Always Learning and Connecting

Top 5 Takeaways from Search Leeds 2016

At Xpand we are always learning and connecting with other industry professionals, it allows us to innovate continuously and provide cutting edge marketing strategies to all our clients. In this post, we outlined our top 5 SEO takeaways from Search Leeds, an annual SEO industry event.

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6. We Love Giving Back To The Community

Bradford YMCA branding provided by Xpand

Here at Xpand, we’re always proud to be involved in local community initiatives. We take part in charity events throughout the year, from collecting Easter eggs for disadvantaged children to offering our services on a pro bono basis to organisations such as YMCA and Saltaire Festival.

This post outlined just some of the charity initiatives we have been involved in over the past few years.

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7. Marketing History

10 key marketing changes in 10 years

The face of marketing has changed in the last 10 years. Marketing and technology have become an integral and prominent part of any successful marketing strategy.

The digital revolution has changed marketing in more ways than one and in this blog, we highlighted 10 changes in marketing over the last 10 years.

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8. Mistakes Made By Marketing Managers

Marketing Manager Falling Off Cliff

We love working with marketing managers; in fact, we have a lot of them as clients. But there are a few marketing mistakes that we come across in the past few years when liaising with them. We highlighted 5 of them in this post.

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9. Helping The Dental Sector

Patients are the lifeblood of any dental practice. But with consumers becoming savvier by the day how can you make sure that you are the dental practice of choice when it comes to your patients and their dental health?

We created this animation to help dental businesses in their marketing efforts.

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10. Marketing Fails

Five biggest marketing fails of 2015

In the modern world of marketing, the slightest slip could cause a major embarrassment that can seriously affect your bottom-line. The widespread use of social media means that there is no escape and before you know it you’re making headlines for the wrong reasons.

In this post, we outlined some marketing fails that big brands made in 2015. Even though it is an old post there are many lessons we can learn from analysing the mistakes.

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This post is part of our ’10 years in business’ series; stay tuned for more valuable content in the lead up to our 10th anniversary.

Simon Patchett

By Simon Patchett

Simon is our Operations Manager and search marketing expert having previously worked with clients such as Ladbrokes & First4Lawyers. He is also responsible for creating marketing strategies that get results for a wide range of clients.